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Bakogiannis Oct 2016 FINAL (40 of 104)Bakogiannis Oct 2016 FINAL (40 of 104)

Tulip Time is probably the most beautiful and festive week in Holland, Michigan. It’s filled with parades, craft fairs, art exhibits, Dutch markets, dancing, music, fireworks and of course tulips, tulips, tulips.

Over six million tulips have been planted along the streets and parks of downtown Holland, and at Window on the Waterfront and Centennial Park. So grab a seat on the Tulip Trolley and enjoy the springtime spectacle. And on your way into town, remember to stop and enjoy the six miles of tulips which comprise Tulip Lanes, beginning on 12th Street & River Avenue.



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Aren't they yummy? M-m-m! Chocolate!  

Grassy Acres Winery truffles are a tantalizing blend of Grassy Acres Wines and the finest REAL chocolate. The genache` is sensuously creamy and light for the richness it packs.  All wines used in the truffles have first been reduced of alcohol and then infused with chocolate in a recipe developed especially for the winery.


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