Timm Boyle(non-registered)
From the pastoral beauty of Door County in rural Wisconsin to the thriving city life of Denver, Colorado to the magnificent architecture of Chartres, France, the images so magnificently captured by Liz and Ken Geoffrion stir up passionate emotions in everyone fortunate enough to view them. Their vividly colorful depictions of a wide variety of gorgeous settings and their imaginative presentations of people enthusiastically participating in life’s great journey simultaneously soothe the soul and inspire the spirit.
Gert Jan(non-registered)
I really enjoyed going through your pictures Liz and Ken. I just love your color street photography. You really are observers of life. Like I am myself (I Think ;-))

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Gert Jan Hermus
Great representation of people! Gonna go through the rest of your albums.
Tim Linton(non-registered)
Liz & Ken your photos are fantastic and capture the beauty of the person/object. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Brad Shilling(non-registered)
Ken! love the work!

is it possible to share these photos to social media feeds?

Do you have a FB Page that you manage?
Katie Day(non-registered)
Love love the photos! Beautiful and captivating. You capture both people and nature in their raw moments.
Jianyun Zhang(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your website. I love those pictures. Your pictures can talk. everyone of them is telling a story.
Marilyn Hoekstra(non-registered)
Gorgeous work Liz and Ken! The subject matter is varied and personal to your subject.
Tim Geoffrion(non-registered)
I love your new website! It's great to see so many of your photos all in one place. I like how you've isolated the various locations, making it super easy to quickly access whatever photos someone is most interested in. Of course, many of your photo shoots were done in places close to my heart, and touch me very personally. Your photos bring back so many happy memories, especially the ones from countries to which we've traveled together. I'm partial to your portrait shots, and so many of your photos bring out the light and life that emanates uniquely from your various subjects around the world. I hope you keep adding more and more photos in the months and years to come!
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